Brandegory endeavors to provide you with the best shopping experience through "Shop Brands at Brandegory.com" - supporting the relationship you have with the brands you love.

While there are many existing avenues for online shopping, Brandegory can enrich your online shopping experience with an array of conveniences and benefits:

Collective Presence - As when you shop in a mall, there are advantages to having many brands present at one location. Brandegory provides you the online collective presence equivalent to what you seek when going to a shopping mall. Walk through a major shopping mall, look at the available stores, then take a look at Brandegory. You will discern the highened online connection Brandegory provides between you and the brands you love.

Merchandise Availability - Shopping on brand owner sites provides you with the full line of merchandise, including brand owner online exclusives, and typically the greatest selection of sizes. For example, we looked at a popular shopping site that displayed 64 items on sale by a particular brand - looking at the brand owner's site, there were 332 items. Thus, Brandegory's pathway to brand owners can provide an enhanced selection of merchandise versus resellers.

Trusted Products - Regrettably, there is significant harm to consumers, businesses, and workers from the sale of fake products. This is especially true of online sites that engage large numbers of unauthorized 3rd party sellers. By purchasing items online directly from brand owners, you can be assured of receiving legitimate products, and supporting lawful companies and their workers.

Targeted Information - On Brandegory, you can select a category, such as "women's activewear", view an extensive list of brands, and access a detailed listing of their links. All very well targeted to your direction. Conversely, the use of a major search engine for "women's activewear" may generate many millions of results and not be nearly as useful as Brandegory.

Special Sizes - If you are shopping for special sizes (such as men's big and tall, or women's plus), Brandegory provides information on the brands that address your specific needs.

Value-Premium, Luxury, and Sales - Brandegory provides a separate listing to access value to premium versus luxury brands. If you are seeking information on sales, Brandegory has valuable listings for information on the sale section of brand owner sites.

Attractive Appearance - Your online shopping experience should be visually attractive, not just a massive display of data. Brand owners take significant steps to present their merchandise in the best way possible. Brandegory endeavors to compliment the accomplishments of the brand owners, and create an informative and visually attractive pathway to the brands you love.

Your Privacy - Brandegory respects your privacy, and does not collect information on individuals utilizing our site.